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Josie Long – Romance and Adventure

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8:00pm, Monday 5 November 2012

Straight over to Josie for her introduction to this show (which was nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Award):

"Hello there! My name is Josie Long and I am 30 years old and that is frankly a little alarming. This is my 6th solo stand up show, and it’s about freaking out about growing up and climbing a mountain and how much I bloody loved that. It’s about social justice and how excellent Dennis Skinner MP is. There’s a bit in it where I pretend to be a sort of Godzilla for some reason and also a bit where I definitely come across as a psychopath.

"If you like the sound of any of that then I’d be delighted if you came to see it. If you don’t then come and bring a book or just use the hour constructively for your own thoughts. I swear a lot, I’m sorry about that. If you hate swearing you could substitute every F word for “very” and every C word for “monster”. That should work."

Price: £10-£15
Venue: Soho Theatre
Nearest station: Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road
Phone: 020 7478 0100
Featuring: Josie Long

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