The Spotlight on... Carl Donnelly

Thursday, September 17 2009

He was nominated for an Eddie Newcomer Award at this year's Edinburgh Festival, he once had an epiphany in Balham and he's a tiny bit in love with Alun Cochrane! That's right, it's Carl Donnelly!

Name: Carl Donnelly

Where do you live?: Wimbledon, it's my favourite part of London as it's very laid back. On Sunday’s nothing opens before midday as the shop keepers know that nobody will be out of bed.

How long have you been gigging?: I did my first open spot in 2004 and did one gig a month for about a year as I thought that was a lot. Then someone told me that you are meant to do a few gigs a week so I started doing that as of 2006 and the rest is history. Let that be a lesson to all the new acts out there, twelve gigs per annum is not enough to get good!

What do you do?: I tell silly stories that tend to revolve around my quite awkward dealings with the world. Sometimes I chuck in a bit of observational stuff to mix it up but it also ends up being pretty stupid? I can also banter like a mofo!

Who makes you laugh?: Alun Cochrane is probably the comic I most enjoy watching. He can effortlessly talk about anything and make it funny. I once saw him do ten minutes about which martial art you’d need to fight off different breeds of dog if they were attacking your child. No one else can do that.

At which London venues do you usually appear?: I am the resident MC at the Knock2Bag clubs in Shepherd’s Bush and Notting Hill which is always good fun. I can also regularly be seen at the Boat Show, the 99 Clubs, Covent Garden Comedy Club, Just the Tonic, FymFyg etc.

What is your favourite London venue?: The Bedford in Balham (home of the Banana Cabaret) is my favourite as not only is it a lovely gig but was also the club I was at when I realised I wanted to be a comedian.

What are you/should you be famous for?: I’m not famous at all. I have appeared on Paramount/Comedy Central a couple of times so have been recognized from those about six times but apart from that I am just another anonymous stand-up which is the way I like it.

Which celebrity do you look like?: Napoleon Dynamite, Weird Al Jankovic, Sean Penn in Carlito’s Way. They are three I’ve had shouted at me at gigs.

Whose sex face would you least like to see?: Gordon Ramsey as his face is scrunched up enough already. I think during sex it probably folds in on itself.

Audiences love it when I… tell my story with the punchline “where’s Chris?” It’s an absolute belter!

Audiences hate it when I… am self indulgent and think I can do a whole set without any jokes but made up of banter and spraying fire extinguishers in my own face and doing forward rolls (true story!)

LAUGHTER LINK: here's Carl in action...


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