The Spotlight on... Rosie Wilby

Wednesday, March 18 2009

Name: Rosie Wilby

Where do you live?: Peckham

How long have you been gigging for?: Three and a half years – after doing an Amused Moose course, tho I had tried a couple of gigs before that

What do you do?: Talk about my social inadequacies, foibles and failures. Isn’t that what most comics do?

Who makes you laugh?: I grew up loving Victoria Wood and then Eddie Izzard, and they both still make me laugh. My mum used to do some funny things unwittingly too. My partner has taken over that role now. I suppose its that kind of persona I try to adopt when I do comedy – that I’ve not realised I’ve done something really odd and therefore am not in on the joke

At which London venues do you usually appear?: I run and MC a couple of south London nights – Japes at the Joiners in Camberwell and Kicking the Habit at the Old Nuns Head in Nunhead. Also I do short spots at big clubs like the Comedy Store, Comedy Café, Amused Moose Soho etc and longer spots at other nights

What is your favourite London venue? My favourite venue has sadly just closed. It was a women-only space called the Glass Bar, inside one of the gatehouses at Euston station. It was a real secret bohemian space and was affectionately known as The Tardis as it didn’t seem possible from the outside that there would be room for a two-level bar and arts venue inside.

The woman who ran it is starting a new venue soon, so I hope it’ll recreate some of the magical atmosphere. And she’ll be allowing men in as guests this time!

What are you/should you be famous for?: Winning the Best Lesbian Comedian Living in the Borough of Southwark' award – 35 and Over category

Which celebrity do you look like?: Well I used to get told I looked like Kylie. So, for a while, I started coming on in a white sheet and hotpants doing the Can’t Get You Out of My Head dance. I am less agile than Kylie tho so don’t think audiences were fooled

Whose sex face would you least like to see?: Anybody dead. It would be weird if you were having sex with a dead person in the first place, but then if they actually did a special sex face, even weirder…

Audiences love it when I... am enjoying myself and loving their company

Audiences hate it when I... hate them

And here's Rosie in action...


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