London Comedy NEWS! Reggie Watts, Rob Delaney and more

Tuesday, September 25 2012

This week's parish notices are on Reggie Watts, Rob Delaney, your chance to join the Groucho Club, and more

Reggie Watts

• London goes slightly berserk when Reggie Watts is in town, so don't hang about on this one. Genre-bending ultra-hairy comic, musician, poet, improv-er, all-round talented bastard Watts is doing a one-off solo show at the Union Chapel, courtesy of Invisible Dot. The show is on November 18 – click here for full details and ticket link.

• London also went a bit berserk when Twitter royalty Rob Delaney announced some shows a few months back. They sold out in secs. BUT you can still see him ... thanks to Richard Herring! Herring's Leicester Square podcasts are back this autumn, and Delaney is a guest on October 1 alongside Peter Serafinowicz. Guests on other nights include David Mitchell, Russell Howard, Dave Gorman and members of the League of Gentlemen.

• If you've ever thought, you could never go to a comedy club that would have you as an audience member, then you'll be delighted to know that the notorious Groucho Club is hosting a comedy night, and bundled in with the ticket price is 24-hour membership to the club. Amused Moose are behind the charity fundraising gig, and the line-up's an absolute doozy. Tape Face, Josh Widdicombe and Andi Osho are among the guests on October 24 and tickets go on sale on October 1. This won't be the last show at the Groucho, according to AmusedMoose head honcho Hils Jago, who added that the idea for the shows came from the members-only celebrity-rich Groucho Gangshows.

• Tickets for the king-sized All Day Edinburgh show (October 28) are GO! It's quite the event – around 30 comics will be descending on the Phoenix pub near Oxford Circus to perform material from their Edinburgh show, including Nick Helm, Tony Law, Thom Tuck, Bridget Christie, Al Murray, Rachel Parris, Richard Herring, Tiffany Stevenson, Jigsaw, Robin Ince & Michael Legge, Cariad Lloyd and Josie Long. Here are full listing details and ticket link.

• After a few years off the radar, Brixton Comedy Club is returning 10 years after it first began. The club will be back at the Dogstar on October 4 with circuit veteran Ivor Dembina again at the helm, and guests including Lewis Schaffer, The Anti-Poet and Gary Sansome, full details here.


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