Jim Jefferies to be a father

Wednesday, July 04 2012

LiF exclusive: Jim Jefferies is to have a baby boy with his girlfriend Kate Luypen

Jim Jefferies

Australian stand-up Jim Jefferies is to become a father later this year, LiF can exclusively reveal. The comic and his girlfriend Kate Luyben, who live together in the Hollywood hills, are expecting a boy in October.

A proud Jefferies said: "This is a really big thing for me, I've always wanted to be a father so I'm really excited about the prospect. We painted the nursery blue and when I walk past it I just smile. I can't walk past a children's shop without buying something for my kid, silly things like that.

"People might think this sounds funny but I've always really liked kids. If I'm round someone's house I'm always going to the back yard and playing with the child, or things like pulling goofy faces at them, I always like having kids around. I dote on my nephews and nieces when I see them."

Fans of Jefferies are likely to be surprised by the change of tone from one of comedy's hardest-living stand-ups, who is known for telling tales of debauchery with brutal honesty and detail. More recently, however, Jefferies has been attempting to give up alcohol after being diagnosed with an inflamed liver in autumn 2010 – after the Edinburgh Fringe. He told LiF that having spent a year oscillating between being teetotal and a heavy drinker, he now "picks [his] moments" when to get drunk.

Jefferies added that impending parenthood was an incentive to stay sober. He said: "I can't be that same character going out drinking and having adventures, and be a dad. I know people who do that, but I don't think I want to do that." He also said that as a father he would be "stingy as fuck, as I don't want them having too much money and thinking they can just have stuff".

The baby is due in October during filming of Jefferies' debut sitcom, Legit, which is due to air in January. He and Luypen met on the set of Legit during filming of the pilot in 2010, with Luypen cast as a prostitute and Jefferies playing himself.

Jefferies said the pair plan to call the baby Hank. He said: "It's a good old American name. Kate's father is named Hank, I like it, it's a man's name. Hank's a guy who's got a big dick and can fix things. It's the sort of name you hear on TV a lot but never in real life."

London is Funny will be publishing a full interview with Jim Jefferies in late July; he will be taking his new show, Fully Functional, to the Edinburgh Fringe in August and London in September


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