The TV comics coming to London in 2012

Thursday, June 28 2012
Eddie Izzard

London's comedy clubs have either shut up shop for the summer, or given themselves over to Edinburgh Fringe previews, in anticipation of the annual bunfight north of the border. But that's only of limited use to Londoners, most of whom won't be going.

So it's time to remind our lovely readers that this autumn, London is being visited by a gala of big-name comics (that's LiF's suggestion for the collective noun). This is your chance to book ahead and get some dates in the diary, while everyone else is looking the other way.

Here are the big shots coming our way, in chron.

• Rhod Gilbert – The Man With the Flaming Battenburg Tattoo (July)
Only next week but some seats still left.

• Alan Davies – Life Is Pain (various)
Three dates at London's smaller but more beautiful theatres, including a recently added date at the Criterion on July 29.

• Michael McIntyre Arena Tour (Sep-Dec)
A few dates have sold out, your best bet is the midweek shows.

• Russell Kane – Posturing Delivery (October)
Just the one date at the Hammersmith Apollo for Live at the Electric host Kane, this one has just gone on sale.

• Kevin Bridges – The Story Continues (October)
Three dates at the Apollo to choose from for the burly Glaswegian.

• Dara O'Briain – Craic Dealer (October)
Regardless of whether you're a Mock the Week fan, O'Briain delivers. Comes highly recommended. Selling fast though.

• Sarah Millican – Thoroughly Modern Millican (November)
Has replaced Micky Flanagan's "Out Out" as the show that refuses to die.

• Frankie Boyle – Last Days of Sodom (November)
Two dates have been added, so that's four in total at the Apollo this autumn.

• Greg Davies – The Back Of My Mother's Head (November)
Watch Davies grapple with the task of following up his monster Firing Cheeseballs At A Dog show.

... and then moving onto next year ...

• Milton Jones – On the Road (April '13)
An elder statesman of comedy among this lot, but arguably the most reliable.

• Jimmy Carr – Gagging Order (April '13)
Ah go on, the poor bugger needs the money.

• Micky Flanagan – Back in the Game (May '13)
Two dates (so far ...) for Flanagan, May 25 is already sold out.

• Eddie Izzard – Force Majeure (May/June '13)
A long way off but will definitely sell out so get involved before they fly.


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