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Tuesday, June 26 2012

This week's parish notices feature some Edinburgh preview festivals, a "Jamaica" gag, and an Olympic announcement

Tony Law

• An epic day of Edinburgh previews is taking place at King's Cross Social Club on July 8 – the Actually Rather Good Comedy Festival. It's £20, or £16 for the first 50 ticket buyers, and in one day you can see 18 acts including Tony Law (pictured), Pappy's, Sara Pascoe, James Acaster, Sheeps, Max and Ivan and Michael Legge. FUN.

• Daan saaaf London, the Herne Hill Comedy Festival has a similar vibe, though spread out over a week. Every midweek night between July 9 and 13 you can see a pair of Edinburgh preview shows at the Half Moon in Herne Hill, of a comedy-cabaret-variety bent. On Friday is a special gala night – if you buy tickets to that, you get FREE tickets to any one of the other preview nights. Acts include Trevor Lock, Phil Nichol, Marcel Lucont, Frank Sanazi and Bridget Christie.

• "Went to that Kinetic Comedy club with my girlfriend the other night – they had a competition to win a holiday!"
"Naa it was her idea."
And so on.
Basically, if you go to Kinetic Comedy in Islington on Friday 29 (a right lively comedy club if ever there was one), you might win a holiday to Jamaica, as the club is sponsored by Jamaica Ginger Beer these days.
Expect it to be busy.

Laurence Clark has been selected to participate in the London 2012 Festival and Cultural Olympiad – making him the only comedian to be picked. Clark, a comic with cerebral palsy, will be performing his latest show, Inspired, at the Bloomsbury Theatre in September as a result of the commission.


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