A night in the life of Hal Cruttenden, ultimate club comedian

Sorry to break it to you, but when you see a comic onstage on a Friday or Saturday night, you won't be their only audience that evening. They'll have another one around the corner, juiced and ready to go.

If you ever hear a comedian say they're "doing a Cruttenden", they're referring to fantastic stand-up Hal Cruttenden, and it means they're dashing around town cramming in as many paid slots as possible. Earning their keep. And nobody gigs harder than Hal.

So, on a nippy Saturday night in early March, London is Funny editor Paul Fleckney joined Hal to see what the reality was of being a professional comic on the circuit. In the course of the evening, Hal notched up four gigs. He also spoke candidly about life as a gigging comic and displayed a love/hate relationship with the circuit that has been his breadwinner for more than 10 years. And with a DVD deal and a big Edinburgh push coming up, it's a circuit he may soon be leaving behind.

Doffed caps and back pats all round for photographer Alex Brenner

6.45pm (9.45pm Bahrain time)
Hal's not long touched down in London after performing in Bahrain. Gig no.1 of the night is Jongleurs Sway near Covent Garden. This is backstage with tonight's MC Matt Reed (centre) and Aussie stand-up Benny Boot


March 24 2012, 5.20pm
Nice writing. It was a busy time for you. Thanks.

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