In pictures: the Gregg Jevin Memorial Concert

Thursday, March 08 2012

The comedy world has been in shock and mourning since the death of comedian and Twitter joke that went mental, Gregg Jevin. So a stiff upper lip and best foot forward, as LiF brings you some images from GJ's memorial concert at Soho Theatre

Michael Legge

Your host and chief mourner, Michael Legge (all pics by Mairead Palmer)

Bridget Christie

Character comic Bridget Christie dealt with things by dressing up as a shambolic, drunken version of Louise Mensch MP and feeding coal to a toy baby

Al Murray

Al Murray, despite looking chirpy here, had hit the bottle hard and was devastated at losing "a great English comic"

Simon Evans

Simon Evans – not the only comic on the night who claimed to have had "relations" with Jevin

Dave Cohen

Slightly less appropriately dressed than Evans was Dave Cohen

Tony Law

Tony Law, who didn't really pay much attention to the whole Gregg Jevin thing

Rachel Parris

Comedy songstress Rachel Parris poured her heart out with a mournful song written especially for Gregg

Barry From Watford

Here's octogenarian Barry From Watford with "Ronald"

Shappi Khorsandi

Another of Jevin's apparent former lovers, Shappi Khorsandi

Al Murray and Dave Cohen

Dave Cohen and Al Murray teamed up as Jewish metal band Guns n Moses. Also on the bill were the Trap, Nick Doody, Mitch Benn, the Beatles and Moose Allain.

RIP Gregg Jevin

Here's to you, Gregg

Many thanks to Mairead Palmer for the pictures. The Gregg Jevin memorial tour moves onto Adelaide next


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