The Spotlight on ... Rachel Parris

Monday, January 09 2012

She's a musical comedian, she's twice been a finalist in 'new comedian' competitions, and her parents think her act is 'a bit rude' – it's' Rachel Parris

Rachel Parris

Where in London do you live?
Stockwell in South Lambeth. Lambeth's awesome - it's no palace (though it's got one, cracking palace ...) but there's lots of interesting history and I've got a lot of my friends around here so it's a nice community feel.

How long have you been gigging for?
I've been doing the solo stuff about a year-and-a-half. I did some improv and sketch before that.

What do we need to know about you?
When I was fifteen I co-wrote a Famous Five parody play called Five On Mystery Bent. The "manuscript" is contained in one entire school exercise book. We killed off Timmy on page 1. Me and my co-writer think it's brilliant. No one else has ever been allowed to read it in case of breaking the spell.

What do we not need to know about you, but you're going to tell us anyway?
I come from Leicester. The accent comes and goes. I'm vegetarian. I play piano, clarinet and saxophone and used to be a classical musician. I wrote a whole lot of serious songs and poems before writing comedy songs and poems. One day I'll release them in a big bleak novelty album which no one will buy. I do improv comedy. I like Benedict Cumberbatch's face. My hair is ungainly.

Who makes you laugh?
Growing up I loved Reeves and Mortimer, Victoria Wood, Punt and Dennis. More recently, people like Tony Law, Isy Suttie, Tom Binns, Sarah Silverman, Flight of the Conchords, Louis CK, Jessica Fostekew, Cariad Lloyd, McNeil & Pamphilon, Robin & Partridge, Joanna Neary ... and loads of others.

What do your family think of your act?
My brothers love it. My mum and dad like it but think it's sometimes "a bit rude".

Where are your favourite parts of London?
I love Brixton, I'd like to live there. It has a great cinema, some oldy worldy pubs, an amazing Eritrean restaurant ( I thought Eritrea was a place from The Never-Ending Story - incorrect) - and it's own currency!! What's not to love?!

Do you have a celebrity doppelganger?
Apparently Christina Applegate and Romola Garai. I know, obscure.

Do you have a secret talent?
I can make good pancakes.

Are you funnier off or onstage?
Offstage I just make a lot of tenuous puns. Which I find hilarious. So, onstage.


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