Ticket alert – Micky Flanagan, yet MORE London shows

Thursday, June 30 2011
Micky Flanagan

Read all a-bloody-bout it!

You just can't keep a good show down, and every time Micky Flanagan must've thought he was winding up his Out Out tour, BANG, along come some more shows. It's that popular.

The latest tour extension is an extra week of gigs at the Garrick Theatre from October 10-15, as the existing batch of shows there were selling like the proverbials. In total Flanagan, will have 18 nights at the Garrick. And fully deserved they are, as Out Out is a genuinely hilarious show that shows off Flanagan at his storytelling best.

Click here for the full listings details, but if you want to go straight to buying tickets, click here (note that the tickets for October 10-15 shows go on sale Friday, July 1.


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