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Thursday, April 14 2011

Never mind Newsnight Review, if you want incisive cultural commentary, turn to double-act Gentlemen of Leisure, aka BBC Radio writer Tom Neenan and Nish Kumar. They ask all the big questions, such as: is the novel dead, or just sleeping? If it is dead, who killed it?

And they answer a few questions, too ...

Gentlemen of Leisure

Where in London do you live?:
TN: Streatham, south-west London, between a Nando's and a Blockbuster. My Saturday nights are very predictable.
NK: Herne Hill.

How long have you been gigging for?:
TN: I started performing comedy with the Durham Revue about five years ago and have gigged off and on since then. More off than on.
NK: Three years stand up, two years in the old GOL.

What do we need to know about you?:
TN: I am a huge Doctor Who fan!
NK: I'm taller than people expect.

What do we not need to know about you, but you're going to tell us anyway?:
TN: I think Colin Baker's portrayal of the Doctor was excellent, and "The Twin Dilemma" is one of my top 10 favourite Doctor Who stories. Take that, society.
NK: I was once chased off stage by a Scottish heavy metal band.

Who makes you laugh?:
TN: People who prefer "Revelation of the Daleks".
NK: Peacock and Gamble, Louis CK, The Simpsons, Rio Ferdinand's World Cup Wind Ups.

What are your favourite London venues?:
TN: The Canal Cafe, its the place I've gigged the most in London and is a great venue for live comedy. Plus they serve Fruli.
NK: Canal Cafe for sketch, Up the Creek Sunday Special and Fat Tuesday for stand-up.

What are you/should you be famous for?:
TN: I am probably most famous for being that guy nobody has heard of.
NK: The fact that I was in a band for two weeks in 1998. There were three of us and we were called Pyramix. We never had a rehearsal but we did write a rock/rap hybrid called Supernatural Grandma.

Who is your celebrity doppelganger?:
TN: Jarvis Cocker, even though we look nothing alike. Nevertheless I find white van men shouting it at me strangely soothing.
NK: I've been told I look like an Asian version of the child catcher.

Can you dance?:
TN: Some people call it dancing.
NK: Only if James Brown instructs me to "take it to the bridge".

Whose sex face would you least like to see?
TN: Mount Rushmore's.
NK: Tom Neenan's. At least not again.

Audiences love it when I ...
TN: act stupid, nervy and uncomfortable. It is acting, honest.
NK: get chased off stage by Scottish heavy metal bands.

Audiences hate it when I ...
TN: Am a member of them (I have a very embarrassing laugh).
NK: delay the start of a heavy metal gig.

Click here for details of Gentlemen of Leisure's next gig, tomorrow night at the Canal Cafe Theatre, where they will be performing with Transformer.

You can find GOL on Twitter at @Toomuchculture.


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