Ticket alert – Stephen Merchant London dates for 'Hello Ladies ...'

Thursday, March 03 2011
Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant is embarking on his debut UK solo tour, including four shows at the Hammersmith Apollo in November/ December.

Tickets go on sale 9am tomorrow (Friday), and the ticket link is at the bottom of this article.

The show is called Hello Ladies ... and according to the title, press release and the material that he's been doing on the circuit recently, the whole thing is as much as show as an attempt to find A WIFE.

Merchant dabbled in stand-up before he hit the big time with The Office etc, and did rather well, making the final of the Daily Telegraph Open Mic awards in 1998, a year after his first gig.

He was also part of a show at the 2001 Edinburgh Festival called Rubbernecker, which featured Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Carr and Robin Ince. The show was later described by Ince as "an exercise in bad taste, with a particularly heavy concentration of jokes about Nazis, the mentally ill and the use of human skin for ornament in the first twenty minutes". Sound like a blast! Four stars.

Merchant's contribution to Rubberneckers was a 20-minute piece where he would arrive as a high-energy, cocky, 'big-name' comic who would start well, then get irritated by something and gradually lose the plot, finally storming off the stage in a huff – only to make a hash of that as well.

His stand-up now isn't so high concept. It is much more straightforward story-telling and underpinned by self-deprecation. He's also got that 'timing' lark pretty much nailed. Should be a show worth seeing.

The Apollo dates are November 28 to December 1. Full show info here.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Friday) at 9am, TICKET LINK HERE.

To whet your appetite, here is a video promoting the show:


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