The Spotlight on ... Roisin Conaty

Tuesday, February 16 2010

She's a regular MC at some of the top comedy clubs in the capital, she's Billie Piper on the 'roids, she chats to inanimate household objects – she's bloomin' Roisin Conaty!

Name: Roisin Conaty

Where do you live?: Camden and I love it. It has everything; music, cinema, comedy, theatre and the best mentals around. Last week I watched a food vendor trying to teach a punk (proper circa 1980s) the words to a Kurdish rebel song all the while serving me a crepe – that's Camden. Only thing I don't like about Camden are the 'cool' hats that have been floating around – leave your tedious headwear in Pinner or wherever you bus in from, girls and boys.

How long have you been gigging?: About six or seven years give or take and on and off ... not consistently. It takes a couple of years to even get regular gigs and then it took me a couple more to decide to make a career out of it. I have learned you can't flirt with stand up, you have to sleep with it on the first night and marry it the next day if you want to develop. I love metaphors and I love beans.

What do you do?: Erm my standup is sort of story-based and quite truthful. I also do characters and sometimes work under the guise of The Cakes with Caroline Ginty.

Who makes you laugh?: My sister is very, very funny, it's quite annoying. Also the Iranian president with his deliverance eyes. The old lady who calls the Ellen show every now and then.

At which London venues do you usually appear?: I gig a lot all over London but I don't hold a residency or anything.

What is your favourite London venue?: All of the 99 Clubs are usually great gigs and Old Rope on a Monday is always fun to play. Downstairs at the King's Head in Crouch End is also a favourite.

What are you/should you be famous for?: I’m not famous at all. I should be famous for my ability to hold a proper conversation while still asleep. No one used to know until I started responding to the TV with "yes, yes I am up, I am deciding what to wear".

Which celebrity do you look like?: Dave Grohl, Billie Piper on the 'roids and my friend Lucie thinks I look like Missy Elliott.

Whose sex face would you least like to see?: The weird builder who is fixing my window and grinning at me as I type this, dear god.

Audiences love it when I … sing the monopoly ballad.

Audiences hate it when ... I ask them their names twice.


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