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10 Questions with... Lloyd Langford

Sunday, August 09 2009

Lloyd Langford's got the arse. And he's also got a show about all those things in life that give him the arse. Don't worry, he's really funny, it won't all be anger anger anger.

What is your show about?
It’s called Every Day I Have the Blues. Broadly speaking, it’s about things that annoy me.

Why did you decide to do a show about this?
I’m finding myself increasingly irritable. So I have loads of material on things that wind me up.

How ready is it?
On a musical scale, its readiness is nearer to Notorious B.I.G. than Curtis Mayfield.

If your show was a dog, what kind of dog would it be?
It would be a sniffer dog. Relentlessly nosing out ne’er-do-wells and then mauling them in the groin.

Complete this sentence: "If you like (blank) then you'll like my show"
My sense of humour.

Is the Edinburgh Comedy Award important to you?
To be honest with you, since International Finance dropped the sponsorship I think any credibility has gone out of the window.

What is the most frightening thing about the Edinburgh Festival?
I was once nearly attacked on Waverley Bridge by a hysterical screaming tramp. But I’m not sure if he’s there every year. Tramps are notoriously difficult to pin down.

Which other acts would you recommend this year?
Elis James, Tom Wrigglesworth and Andy Zaltzman.

Any tips on where to get the best pint or pie in Edinburgh?
Don’t bother with pints. Head to Royal Mile Whiskies and get a bottle of something special, like a Glenfarclas 15-year-old.

Sum up the festival in one word

Every Day I Get the Blues is on from August 5-30 (except August 18) at 9.45pm at the Pleasance Courtyard. Click here for tickets


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