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Edinburgh review: Sarah Millican

Saturday, August 08 2009

Sarah Millican has followed up her 2008 If.Comedy Best Newcomer award with an impressive, if risk-averse show, writes Jay Richardson.

Sarah Millican is as much your typical woman as she is your typical comic, with the audacity and skill to follow an If.Comedy Best Newcomer award with a show that, superficially at least, seems preoccupied with that hackest of stand-up preoccupations: the differences between the sexes.

And while she couches her inquiries in terms of gender characteristics that she herself possesses, the filthy-tongued Geordie is otherwise embracing the topic full-on, even interrogating her audience on the best aspects of being male or female.

Endearingly, these questions can throw up a real surprise, with one punter’s lewd confession eliciting an equally embarrassing and frankly pervy anecdote from Millican, giggling her out of her comfort zone of prepared material and affording the show a truly unique moment.

Nevertheless, she’s taken few chances in making this hour a success and buoying every smoothly related story is a fiercely impressive rate of gags.

Masturbation on a train notwithstanding, there are no great revelations here, just reassurances that we’re all a little bit archetypal, only in varying combinations. While it may not boast the heart of Millican’s debut, Typical Woman proudly declares a more universal appreciation of the genitals.

Four stars

Sarah Millican – Typical Woman is on until August 30 (except August 12) at 7:30pm at the Pleasance Courtyard. Click here for tickets, there aren't many left...


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