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Fringe extensions – the comics with extra shows

Wednesday, August 22 2012
Reginald D Hunter

A quick heads-up about some of the comics putting on extra shows due to demand.

Reginald D Hunter – work-in-progress
Two extra late shows on August 24 and 25, tickets still available.

Hal Cruttenden – Tough Luvvie
A late-night Saturday show added.

Sam Fletcher – Good On Paper
Best Newcomer nominee adds a Sunday afternoon show.

Tony Law – Maximum Noonsense
A cheeky 5pm Monday show added.

David O'Doherty – Seize the David O'Doherty
Extra afternoon shows this weekend.

Joe Lycett – Some Lycett Hot
An extra show on Thursday night.

Deborah Frances-White – Cult Following
Extra shows at 9.15pm Friday and Saturday.

Tim Fitzhigham – Stop thePigeon
Extra shows at 6.15pm on Saturday 25.

Chris Ramsey – Feeling Lucky
Added late show on Saturday 25.

Susan Calman – This Lady's Not For Turning Either
Extra show on Saturday evening.

Benny Boot – Def-Con 4
Extra show 8.50pm on Friday 24.

Marcus Brigstocke – The Brig Society
One added show: 10.30pm on Friday 24.

Vikki Stone – Hot Mess
Two late ones added for this Thursday and Friday.


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