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Des Bishop – 10 Edinburgh questions

Saturday, August 04 2012

The last show by Irish/NYC comic Des Bishop was a poignant one about his late father, this year he's taking a slightly different tone

Des Bishop

1. What is your show about?
Des Bishop Likes To Bang is the name of my show and it has no real meaning other than to make people laugh and ideally dance a little bit. I am living out my dream of being a drummer while the Roland V Electronic drum kit looks after the laughs.

2. Describe it in 3 words.
Comedy dance party.

3. What is your favourite part of the show?
Performing a rap about breaking up in the modern day because hip-hop love songs are hard to pull off.

4. Complete this sentence: if you like ... laughing and dancing and sex ... then, hell, you might just like my show.

5. If your show were a dog, what type of dog would it be?
A boxer because I can come across as a bit aggressive but I love messing around rough.

6. If you could change one thing about the Fringe, what would it be?
(The weather.) Seriously I would change the undemocratic nature of big promoters giving an advantage despite me being one who is using that.

7. Name 3 other shows you'd recommend seeing.
Hannibel Buress, Kumail Nanjiani, and Foil Arms and Hog.

8. What would you be doing this summer if you weren't in Edinburgh?
I would be back in NYC spending time with the family.

9.Has it been difficult to move on from the last show given it was so personal and successful?
Yes it has been very hard which is why this show is very light and silly and fun. In a way it is an exaggerated move to the other direction.

10. How did you get into drumming as a hobby?
I was simply given a set of Roland V Drums by my buddy and quickly heard some comic potential in the settings. The rest was just a lifetime's desire to learn them finally attempted.

• Back to 2011 now for some footage from the Edinburgh Fringe showcase ...

• Des Bishop Likes To Bang is on at 8.50pm at Assembly George Square


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