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Edinburgh Fringe who's who #2 – something different

Thursday, August 02 2012

A conceptual restaurant, a 24-hour improv marathon, a comedy audio tour ... here are 20 things you can do to deviate from the usual stand-up schtick

Simon Munnery

• Simon Munnery – La Concepta (left)
Pffff. Not easy to describe. A conceptual, non-dining restaurant where Simon Munnery is your host. It's won awards and will be unlike anything else you'll find at the Fringe this year. Not to be confused with his main Stand show.

• Al Murray the Pub Landlord's Pub Quiz »
A lively rumpus of a show hosted impeccably by Murray.

• This Audio Tour Belongs to Lionel Richie
A splendid idea – Arthur Smith, Simon Munnery and Tony Law are among the comics who have contributed to this audio tour of Edinburgh, which is downloadable from here from August 3. It's the brainchild of ideas machine Barry Ferns, who changed his name to Lionel Richie, and appears to be attempting to takeover Edinburgh single-handedly this year. Ferns also has a daily 45-minute walk up Arthur's Seat for a 15-minute show, and a proper-length gala show that takes place on the 18th and includes carrying Arthur Smith up to the Seat in a sedan.

• Bad Musical
Sketch trio The Trap had a critically acclaimed Bad Play show several years ago, now they attempt to put on "the worst musical ever written".

• A Comedian Dies In the Middle Of A Joke
Interactive theatre from acclaimed writer and performer Ross Sutherland which replays a disastrous and fatal night in a comedy club. Plenty of good reviews behind this one.

• Monkey Toast
An interesting concept that's won awards State-side and has now been imported by conceiver and show host David Shore. Guests are interviewed by Shore, chat-show style, then his team of improvisers perform sketches based on the conversation.

• The Greatest Show On Legs
A bizarre, old-fashioned hour of entertainment whose line-up and content has morphed over the years and still has some, er, legs. See also Charlie Chuck for some old-fashioned comedic anarchy.

• Stuart Goldsmith's "Comedian's Comedian" podcast
The prospect of prizing open comedians' brains to see what's going on in there, puts one in the mind of Pandora's Box, but ITV's Show Me the Funny star Stuart Goldsmith is doing just that – and he's able to get some really juicy stuff of them. Great line-up of guests, too.

• The Humble Quest for Universal Genius
Late-night knockabout game show fun that attempts to find which comedian is indeed a universal genius.

• Live At The Electric: Live At The Fringe
What appears to be a live version of BBC3's Live at the Electric, if that makes sense, so Russell Kane will host, plus some top sketch acts.

Noise Next Door

• Noise Next Door 24-hour improvathon
Five-headed improv beast The Noise Next Door (left) are doing a 24-hour Improv Adventure around Edinburgh, starting at 6pm, after their main show, on the 13th and running through the night and day of the 14th. AND they're taking requests via social media. So contact them @noisenextdoor and suggest places they can perform improv (eg a bar or an office) and ideas for what they can perform.

• The Committee Meeting
If Elis James's and Chris Corcoran's radio appearances on BBC Radio Wales are anything to go by this should be a lunchtime pearler. Difficult to ascertain its exact content but it appears to be a spoof of parochial committee meetings, plus bingo.

• Beta Males Midnight Movie Theatre
Another slightly vague but extremely promising one, where sketch storytellers Beta Males appear collide horror and comedy in this spoof late-night horror show starring BM and plenty of comedy guests.

• Do The Right Thing (and other podcasts)
A comedy panel show/podcast that's been successful on the London circuit and gets some cracking guests. Waspish US stand-up Greg Proops and Richard Herring also have podcasts with audiences.

• The Coalition (and other plays)
As ever there are a few plays starring many a comedian. The Coalition looks especially tasty, a satire on the current government and set in 2015 prior to the next general election, starring Jo Caulfield, Al Barrie, Thom Tuck, Phill Jupitus and Simon Evans. Elsewhere, Jigsy sounds like a pathos-riddled play about a jobbing stand-up in the autumn of his career; Les Dennis stars. The Temps is a comedy play about the treadmill that is temping jobs. The Intervention sees a family shocked by a series of revelations, starring Phil Nichol, Jan Ravens and Aisling Bea.

• School Night
A twist on the regular format of stand-ups and musical/character comics, where the whole thing is couched in the concept of a school day, with each comic being a maths/history/form tutor etc.

• Early Edition/Crunch the News
Two shows that peruse the papers and mull the day's news, with a mix of guest comedians and social commentators/journalists. The Early Edition has Marcus Brigstocke and Andre Vincent hosting as ever, while Crunch the News is the Free Fringe alternative with guests such as Josie Long, Danielle Ward and Natt Tapley.

• Jools Constant – 2 Facedbook 3
A show that embraces unpredictability as the audience is encouraged to keep their phones not only ON, but use them to dictate the direction of the show and interact with host Jools Constant and his guests.

• It's Grimm Up North
An animated comedy show in which you meet the various characters of small northern town Hardington.

• Darren Walsh's 1,000-pun marathon
Surreal stand-up Darren Walsh immerses himself into the world of puns, by attempting to pun on the name of 1,000 of the comics performing at the Fringe this year. It takes place on Twitter at 3pm on Monday, August 6 at #1000puns.


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