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London is Funny Presents returns to Edinburgh with ridiculously great shows

Monday, July 30 2012

Bloody hell. Have you seen these line-ups?

Cardinal Burns

Well shag me twice – to quote Hugh Laurie from about 1992 – this is something all at London is Funny towers are highly excited about.

As well as delivering a bulging sack of reviews, interviews and blogposts about the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe, there is a live show on the PBH Free Fringe to be getting on with. It's called London is Funny Presents, back at the Fringe for the third year, and here are the details:

When: Every day from August 4-25 at 2.10pm.
Where: Ciao Roma, 64 South Bridge, EH1 1LS, click here for map
How much: Free. Donations at the end if you've had a good time.
Who: Well, behold the line-ups! Not only will there be a load of top newer acts, and superb MC Tom Webb hosting every day, there are some frankly awesome headliners too, including ...

Cardinal Burns (pictured), Late Night Gimp Fight, Hal Cruttenden, Pete Johansson, Josie Long, James Acaster, Phil Nichol, Abandoman, Carl Donnelly, Benny Boot, Sara Pascoe, John Robins, Diane Spencer ...

The list goes on.

AND there are a few guests that we are unable to announce as yet.

AND, on Thursday August 16, we have a WitTank special! All three of top sketch group WitTank are talented stand-ups, so they will be doing a spot each, before they come together in sweet harmony for a WitTank headline slot!

If you like the sound of this, say YEAH to the event's Facebook page – which will also be the best place to find out about special guests and any line-up changes. @edinburghsfunny will also come in handy generally speaking for EiF's Fringe coverage.

Now, time for a lie down in the LiF oxygen tank.

• London is Funny Presents is on at 2:10pm at Ciao Roma (on South Bridge)


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