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Alexis Dubus – 10 Edinburgh questions

Saturday, July 28 2012

Gather round gather round, for globetrotting comic Alexis Dubus has returned from the high seas, with tales of fast cars and even faster women (?)

Alexis Dubus

1. What is your show about?
Cars and girls.

2. Describe it in 3 words.
Cars and girls.

3. What is your favourite part of the show?
OK, I'm going to stop being flippant now, despite being very tempted to say "the cars and the girls." I don't really have a favourite part of the show – it's a collection of true stories from my life based around various stupid situations and locations I've got myself into. If anything, during previews I've loved stories that other people have told me afterwards about similar experiences. I've just realised what a terrible answer is to that question ...

4. Complete this sentence: if you like ... cars and girls [enough! – quality control Ed] ... then, hell, you might just like my show.

5. If your show were a dog, what type of dog would it be?
One of those ones you read about in the news that somehow makes its way back home after being abandoned thousands of miles away, looking slightly malnourished and bedraggled, only with the ability to recount its tales (I don't know much about dogs).

6. If you could change one thing about the Fringe, what would it be?
Well, it'd be nice to make some money. The obvious answer from a performer, I know, but you can't help but look at this wonderful, hugely inspiring festival, with performers from every corner of the world and think "why are we the only ones making a LOSS here?" Without being too egotistical a performer, wouldn't it be pretty crap without us?

7. Name 3 other shows you'd recommend seeing.
Well, I'll try and avoid the obvious names and recommend some lesser-known ones. David Trent makes me laugh heartily, and I love the effort he puts in to his multimedia bits (effort + stupidity = big laughs from me, so Sam Simmons is getting thrown in here too as a bonus). Mike Hayley's Clovis Van Darkhelm character is inspired, and has been getting better and better every time I see it, so the full show should be a bit special, plus it's free I think. And finally, go and pay Silky a visit – hard to believe it's his Edinburgh debut, as he's been charming the arse off punters for some time now [18 years in fact – biogs Ed]. But I saw a very early preview months ago, and it was in mighty fine shape then, so by now it should be an absolute corker.

8. What would you be doing this summer if you weren't in Edinburgh?
Probably travelling about and collecting a few more stories.

9. Tell us about the girl who you met on your travels who you'll never forget. Come on boy, spill!
Haha, well the longest story in the show actually came about from a meeting with a certain girl in a small mountain town in Ecuador, and ends in the Nevada desert. So I'll spill, but for cash. Come and see the show to see how that one pans out...

10. Do you feel rootless with your constant jetting off?
Sometimes a bit. Although these days if I'm heading overseas it tends to be to play gigs or festivals, so I've got to know a load of acts from other comedy circuits around the globe, especially in New Zealand and Australia, both of which have a lovely comedy community. Speaking of which, the term "rooted" has a slightly more vulgar meaning to the Antipodeans ...

• Alexis Dubus – Cars and Girls is on at 6.45pm at the Assembly Roxy


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