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Trodd en Bratt – What's In Your Edinburgh Luggage?

Monday, July 23 2012

Two graduates of the hugely successful Showstopper! the Musical are stepping out to do a show of their own – here's how Trodd en Bratt are preparing ...

Trodd en Bratt

We'll be packing very different things for these reasons: Bratt is far more experienced at being in Edinburgh than Trodd,and Trodd has a baby. Bratt hasn't got a practical bone in her body, and Trodd is an optimist.

Trodd (Lucy, right)
I will be taking walking boots to go up Arthur's Seat, baby carrier to go up Arthur's Seat, sun cream, high-energy snacks and camera, water bottle, and waterproofs for going up Arthur's Seat. I wont be going up Arthur's Seat.

Many black and red outfits, even though I'll only wear one in the whole Showstopper! run. Wigs. My tomato plants because they always die when I'm in Edinburgh. Richard Simmons BROADWAY SWEAT VHS which I will only work out to if there is a VHS player in the flat. I wont be working out. Money collection bags; I'm an optimist (see?).

Swimming costume as we are staying near Warrender Park Pool. I wont be swimming.

Tissues for week three (the crying week). Champagne for celebrations (I'm an optimist). A spare phone for when I drown my current one (last year I dropped it down the loo, the year before it got so wet in my pocket from the rain it just went to a better place).

Passport in case someone gets married or dies while I'm away (I'm an optimist).

Bratt (Ruth, left)
I'll be leaving my plants at home even though they die when I'm in Edinburgh. However, they also die when I'm in London, so it won't make much difference.

I'll be taking 3 maxi dresses, a bikini, some shorts, a massive sun hat, some flip flops, sunglasses. I'm going on my first holiday for four years (and my first one in July for 11 years – I've been in Edinburgh a lot) and I'm not taking sweaters, raincoats and boots to Italy. I'll send those up in the van with all the props for the show.

I will be taking WAY too much luggage no matter what. I always forget that I wear pretty much the same outfit every day for a month. I'll be taking enough underwear for everyday though. And leggings. So many leggings. I will forget something vital and spend a day on Princes Street buying anything other than that one item. I will take high heels in a mistakenly optimistic belief that I might get dressed up one night.

I will also take 17 books in a mistakenly optimistic belief that as I am only doing two shows a day and therefore only working for two hours a day I will have loads of time to read. I will read none of them. Not a single one. I'll open one of them once, and look at the first page for a few hours. It's always more work doing Edinburgh than you imagine ...

• Trodd en Bratt – Well Done You is on at 5.45pm at the Free Sisters


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