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Harriet Kemsley and Sarah Callaghan – 10 Edinburgh questions

Friday, July 20 2012

Two young comics take the e-stage in an attempt to persuade YOU the reader to see their joint show. Sarah Callaghan (left) and Harriet Kemsley, you're on

Sarah Callaghan (left) and Harriet Kemsley

1. What is your show about?
It's called Kemsley and Callaghan; Keeping their cool as I'm desperately trying to fit in and Sarah is trying (perhaps not hard enough) to keep her temper.

2. Describe it in 3 words.
Sarah: Obviously well sick.
Harriet: Girls gone wild.

3. What is your favourite part of the show?
Harriet: I really like the bit when Sarah's onstage.
Sarah: When people laugh.

4. If your show were a dog, what type of dog would it be?
It would be a small hopeful, clumsy yet brave labrador being pursued at the heels by a verbally abusive yapping Jack Russell. The Jack Russell is Sarah.

5. If you could change one thing about the Fringe, what would it be?
Sarah: Fit men scattered around the city would be nice, preferably with teeth.
Harriet: I really wish you could sunbathe and flyer, rather than this constant fear of trench foot.

6. Name 3 other shows you'd recommend seeing.
We've mainly been avoiding previews in order to have a reason to get out the house between shows, but Nathan Cassidy, Chris Dangerfield and Tony Law won't disappoint.

7. What would you be doing this summer if you weren't in Edinburgh?
Sarah: Smoking so many drugs so I can forget that our "summer" is just as shit as the weather in Edinburgh all year round.
Harriet: See above. No! I changed my mind! Reading the classics.

8. Are you living together up at the Fringe? If so what's the flat going to be like?
Harriet: I think that would be a really horrible idea, I don't want her to get too attached.
Sarah: No. One of us would most definitely be dead by the end of the run if that was the case.

9. Is there a joke of Sarah's/Harriet's that you wish you'd written.
Sarah: "There’s two t’s in 'better' so kids at least pronounce one of them. Yeah that’s true it’s the same for twat." I like that one.
Harriet: I wish I could say the C word with half her conviction.

10. You're both at the start of your comedy careers – what would you like to achieve?
Sarah: Respect amongst other comics and love from audiences. If my career is anything like Doug Stanhope’s in the future, I’ll be very happy.
Harriet: I would like to achieve nothing short of greatness. Fingers crossed.

Here's a promo video Callaghan and Kemsley have put together ...

• Kemsley and Callaghan: Keeping Their Cool is on at 8.15pm at the Newsroom


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