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Chaotic scenes at Edinburgh is Funny Towers as new bloggers announced

Thursday, July 19 2012

Do you like comedians? Do you like words? WELL YOU'RE IN LUCK


It's all very well me or one of Edinburgh is Funny's other reviewers banging on about what's on our mind – what about the comedians? Will nobody think of the comedians?

So it's in the spirit of editorial diversity and the prospect of free copy that Edinburgh is Funny has pursued five acts to blog about the Fringe. And I'm delighted to announce the five "winners". They are:

Oddball sketch trio with ever the knowing wink, pictured above, Sheeps are surely destined for a number of 4-star reviews this Fringe. EiF thinks they're better than that but what do we know?

Sarah Kendall!
A brilliant Aussie stand-up and Perrier nominee who was a Fringe regular until 2007 when she buggered off for five years. Now she's BACK with cutting wit and dark side in tact, and some of the finest observational comedy around.

Sam Fletcher!
Tim Key's former sidekick is striding out on his own with a debut show, on the PBH Free Fringe. He's a comic-magician and the sort of man your mother would want to keep forever in a shoebox under the marital bed. Fletcher will be blogging in the form of illustrations (woooooooooooo!).

Tim Fitzhigham!
Fitzhigham is a Fringe institution, an adventurer, and he's mad as a sponge. He's an eccentric with a whiff of the aristocrat about him, and one hell of a comedian (or showman) to boot. It is indeed a privilege to welcome Fitzhigham aboard.

David Trent!
Another Fringe debutante, and one previously described on this website thus: "Some will love him, some will hate him, but no one will forget him". His comedy involves all manner of accompanying videos, soundtracks and stunts, and he's a man who does nothing by half. The guy's a bloody maverick, and by god is he going to blog.

Look out for the first instalments of the Edinburgh is Funny comedian blogs next week


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