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Alan Hudson – 10 Edinburgh questions

Wednesday, July 18 2012

'Most magicians just do tricks. I decided I wanted to tell a story too.' Ladies and gents, Alan Hudson

Alan Hudson

1. What is your show about?
It’s a magic show with a stand-up story feel. It’s got a through line. Most magicians just do tricks. I decided I wanted to tell a story so I figured telling about all the shit magician jobs I’ve had in the past and stuff that has gone wrong would be a good place to start.

2. Describe it in 3 words.
Under-running, autobiographical, conjury.

3. What is your favourite part of the show?
A bit where I’m showing close-up magic to three people (via recorded voices) that annoy me by coming out with inane drivel taken from real life experiences.

4. Complete this sentence: if you like ... shows at 4.55pm daily ... then, hell, you might just like my show.

5. If your show were a dog, what type of dog would it be?
I just looked up dogs and the German pinscher means "saved from extinction". I think that works perfectly – I was falling out of love with magic until I realised that you could make it anything you want it to be.

6. If you could change one thing about the Fringe, what would it be?
As it’s my first year I’m not really in a position to answer this as a performer. As a punter of previous years it all seems pretty well done to me. Ask me in September.

7. Name 3 other shows you'd recommend seeing.
Rob James: Magicana (retro modern magic show and quite different to mine), Daniel Kitson (obviously. Saw preview and it’s annoying good. As always). And Simon Amstell (also saw preview and also great).

8. What would you be doing this summer if you weren't in Edinburgh?
I’d be doing the horrible shit jobs I talk about during the show.

9. As an Edinburgh debutant, what are you expecting from your debut run?
Reviews from people who know fuck all about magic and miss the point of what I am doing. 5 stars from the very intelligent London is Funny.

10. What's your magic party piece?
Buy a ticket and find out.

Check this out. MAGIC WITH BALLOONS.

• Alan Hudson's Not So Secret World of Magic is on at 4.55pm at Just the Tonic


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