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Wendy Wason Edinburgh blog: doing stand-up with a baby inside

Friday, August 26 2011

Cake or death? So asked Eddie Izzard once upon a time. Wine or success? So asks a heavily pregnant Wendy Wason

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Wendy Wason

So far I have ploughed through Edinburgh doing my show at the Stand at 3.30pm and the late show Looser Women at 10.45pm. It has been fun – if a little tiring.

I’ve not mentioned much about the fact that I am drawing closer and closer towards my due date. I am in fact three weeks away from having my third child. When I first mooted the idea of doing Edinburgh this year a variety of things were said, ranging from: “Are you mad?” to “You can’t do that!” There was the odd: “Good for you”, but in general it was deemed a crazy idea. When the second show came in, that was sheer lunacy.

I’m not good at being told what to do. It’s part of the reason stand-up suits me well. The more negative feedback I got, the more determined I was to sign up for the marathon that is the Festival Fringe. Idiot.

Don’t tell anyone – but some people may have been right. Yes I’m not drinking but I’m not managing to sleep that much either. I go to bed and the baby seems to think it’s a good idea to do star-jumps until around half-five. I toss and turn for a couple of hours, have an hour or two sleep and then the other two teenies wake up around half-eight. I understand I’m lucky to have kids that sleep so late but really. Ouch.

I am far from rested. That said, there are always going to be shows in a month-long run that aren’t great. I normally have about two or three where I really want to apologise to the audience and explain what happens when I have a bad day at work – they don’t laugh. It rarely happens in a club but you can’t have a belter when you're doing it every single day. It’s not feasible.

This festival I have only had one horror show. This may be as a result of my healthy living – and that is me assuming the rest of the run won't be hideous – so I do wonder whether I should cut back on sleep and alcohol in general. It seems to make me a more consistent comic. The only problem is, I am dying to hit the vino when this baby is cooked. Hmmm. Wine or success? Wine has always prevailed in the past …

Wendy Wason's Flashbacks is on at 3.30pm at the Stand II.


December 6 2011, 7.19pm
Pavruls S.

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