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Wendy Wason Edinburgh blog: who's the real Kunt here?

Sunday, August 21 2011

Is it Kunt and the Gang for their cock-and-balls poster stunt? Is it promoters and venues getting precious about it? Or is it us comics for spending so much on posters in the first place, asks Wendy Wason?

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Wendy Wason

This year has been a really enjoyable Fringe. Most of the comics I’ve spoken to have had a good time too. There have also been a lot of people having to move from their initial accommodation for reasons ranging from “no oven” to “bed bugs”. It’s extraordinary. It would be great if we could set up a performers' union so we’d all be protected from the nightmare of spending two hours a day on the phone trying to sort out the flat we paid for back in May.

I’ve also been enjoying the saga of Kunt and the Gang. They have been sticking cock and balls stickers over everyone’s posters this year. It is the most purile, joyful fun that tickles me greatly. Not everyone has been amused. Lots of people think it is outrageous that performers have spent so much money on posters only to have them defaced. But we shouldn’t have our promoters spending so much of our money on posters. On the last day of the one festival, my promoter called me to ask what I wanted done with the “left-over posters”. I was gutted. Hang on? Left over? I had spent a fortune and loads of them didn’t even go up.

It perplexes me that more and more money goes on bigger and bigger posters – the top of the tree obviously being on the side of a taxi. Woooh! Can you imagine? A taxi. The stuff dreams are made of.

Bollocks. My show is about my show. The poster is a wee extra – a business card if you will. Roach it if you like, but there it is. I get to dress up and have my picture taken in February so that you may remember my show is on during August. It’s no big deal. I think I might look even better with a cock and balls stuck on my face. The Kunt and the Gang stunt is exactly what the Fringe should be about. I can’t believe they are being threatened with legal action. How many desks did you open at school with a cock drawn on them?

It made me laugh then and it makes me laugh now. Kunt and the Gang, I salute you.

Wendy Wason's Flashbacks is on at 3.30pm at the Stand II.


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