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Wendy Wason Edinburgh blog: Alexei Sayle and the sexual fetish

Thursday, August 18 2011

A comics dinner party held by Wendy Wason includes a surprise guest, some 'vegetables', and some sex education

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Wendy Wason

The Fringe is bedding in. I know both the shows I’m doing now so I can mess about and have some fun with them. It’s a much better show when I’m not panicking, trying to remember what comes next.

Week two of the Fringe is my favourite. The show is still new and exciting enough to be fun but I don’t have the exhaustion of later on in the run. We all seem to be relaxing a little now – so much so that we had a bunch of comics over to our flat for lunch on Sunday lunch this weekend.

We made a conscious decision to eat some vegetables in an attempt to ward off festival flu which is due to kick in next week. Nick Doody, Kirsty Newton, Tara Flynn and her gorgeous other half Carl, who told a tale about being kidnapped by scientologists as a teen, Michael Legge and his wife Muki all came over.

It was very nice to sit down and enjoy a home-cooked meal. My boyfriend got up at 10am to get the beef and chicken in the oven so we could all eat in time before our shows. Josh Howie turned up late but brought Alexei Sayle with him so we let him off. Alexei Sayle – one of the first stand-ups I heard of. We all tried to look nonchalant as he walked in and sat down to eat with us. Michael told a revolting story about a sexual fetish I’d never heard of. I suspect Alexei felt the same.

Wendy Wason's Flashbacks is on at 3.30pm at the Stand II.


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