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Wendy Wason Edinburgh blog: end of week 1

Monday, August 15 2011

Someone is counting their blessings ...

Wendy Wason

Wow! Our flat-rental company has delivered. We went from fly-infested madness to a lovely place with views of not only the castle at the front, but the Forth rail bridge at the back! Two of Edinburgh’s finest views from the comfort of one flat!

It’s amazing. The show is bound to be spectacular now. I find it important to be able to have some chilling out time, away from all the madness.

I walked down the Royal Mile today and the volume of people handing out flyers and gadding about on stilts seems to be increasing every year. I did feel sorry for the student theatre group dressed in bikinis handing out flyers. Poor things. They were freezing.

Next time I’m having a whinge about feeling tired I’m going to remind myself that at least I’m not semi-clad on the Royal Mile.

Wendy Wason's Flashbacks is on at the Stand Comedy Club II at various times.


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