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Edinburgh Festival review – Jigsaw

Saturday, August 13 2011

Hmmm, yes please ...


Well this is fun. More than 40 sketches packed into an hour, the shortest one about a man walking a dog lasting about five seconds, and the longest clocking in at about 90 seconds.

A lot of sketch you'll see this year from younger comics who are primarily actors will involve an introduction, the establishing of a dynamic (who's the dom, who's the sub, etc), all manner of threads and themes – you won't get that with this lot. Perhaps it's because this trio all have stand-up careers in the bag. That must mean a different kind of discipline and more focus on the gags.

Anyway, Jigsaw has the pleasing feeling of three comics – Dan Antopolski, Tom Craine and Nat Luurtsema – throwing all their best ideas at you. Nothing going to waste. And the vast majority of it works.

Silliness dominates. This is light-hearted, gleeful comedy that delights in its own informality and lack of slick sophistication. My favourite skits were the recurring ones about the tactless doctor, the father and daughter in a restaurant, the clunky teleporting machine and superhero who is trying to negotiate the release of a kidnapped kid. It also contains the magical line: "Your face is like a skittle."

There aren't an awful lot of really big belly laughs and inevitably a few of the 40 fall flat, but it's still an impressive hit rate. Funnily enough, when they address the audience at the end of a show – something that cunningly turns back into another very funny sketch that's in fact an elaborate cock gag – I realise that I want a bit more of them.

Antopolski is probably the pick of the bunch, with his expressive face and goofy physicality elevating a few sketches into mirthdom, and as a trio who only formed recently they've already got the chemistry you want from a sketch group.

This may well be a one-off show as the trio settle back into their stand-up careers, making this a sort of Fringe fling. And I'd be up for a second date because the time really flew by.

3.5 stars

Jigsaw is on at 5.45pm at the Pleasance Courtyard.

What the punters say

Asher, the Wirral: 4.5/5. I liked the spontaneity, although I think I prefer Dan Antopolski when he does solo stuff.
Reubon, London: 4/5.
Ruth, the Wirral: 3.5/5/ There was a lot of variety, they weren't afraid to do things that were ridiculous.

Review written by Paul Fleckney


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