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What's in your Edinburgh luggage? – Delete the Banjax

Tuesday, August 02 2011

Cheeky sketch quartet Delete the Bankax are establishing themselves as Edinburgh favourites, and are back with a new show called Pigs and Ponies. But four people packing into one case sounds like a tricky task ...

Delete the Banjax

Well we’re flying up this year, so, to save on paying for extra luggage we’re just taking one case between us. And there’s four of us. And one’s a girl. There have been more rows over this than there has been over putting the show together.

So what goes in a case for four 20somethings spending a month together in a cosmopolitan city in summer? We have got it down to these bare essentials …

90s TV shows: At a rehearsal (binge drinking session) in early May before the show was completed we came up with the idea of having a 90s TV evening at our flat during the Fringe. So over the following days (weeks) when we should have been crafting the show, we instead created some important rules for our ‘Edinburgh 90s TV Night,’ such as "it can’t be anything we still watch on TV now", ruling out the likes of Friends and Red Dwarf. We are still working on the final line-up but currently the playlist includes: Saved By The Bell, Pugwall, Blossom, Boy Meets World and Round The Twist. Tweet us any more suggestions @deletethebanjax.

Pigs and Ponies: We keep them backstage to give us moral support.

Berocca/vitamins: Due to the enforced diet of lager and crisps for a month we learnt early that it’s very important to start each day with a group medication session.

RedBull/coffee: Because the vitamins don’t help.

Now are we forgetting anything? Ah yes of course…

Sun tan lotion: It’s August. It’s a no-brainer.

A here's a wee pearler from the DtB archive ...

Delete the Banjax: Pigs and Ponies is on at 6.20pm at the Pleasance Courtyard.


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