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Carl Donnelly – what's in your Edinburgh luggage?

Tuesday, July 26 2011

Laid-back rogue Carl Donnelly turns cool customer for Edinburgh 2011, having, in his words, 'stopped wearing trainers in an attempt at being a man'. What else you got in there, CD?

Carl Donnelly

2 x pairs of shoes (I stopped wearing trainers this year in an attempt at being a real man)
30 x Berocca tablets
2 x jackets (neither are waterproof which stinks of pre-festival optimism)
2 x earplugs (am sharing with Chris Martin so have to drown out his constant nightly rutting)
10 x T-shirts
1 x suit (for the meeting with a Hollywood film producer that will obviously happen)
1 x set of darts (for irregular matches against John Robins and Tim Vine in Brooks Bar)
2 x shirts (1 x smart, 1 x casual)
1 x travel guitar (so I can drown out the morning tears from either me, Chris or our other flatmate Benny Boot)
1 x pair of jeans (washing jeans is for losers)
1 x bottle of Champagne (for when one of us in the flat gets nominated for Best Comedy Show of All Time!!)
2 x hats (for sitting in Loft Bar in disguise hoping not to bump into any nobs)
2 x electric cigarettes (so me and Seann Walsh can smoke inside the loft bar looking like nobs)
10 x pants
1 x bottle of vodka (for when one of us gets a 1 Star review on Chortle)
1 x pitching wedge & 1 x putter (for pitch and putt on the Bruntsfield links)
10 x socks (5 x pairs)
1 x Xbox 360 (for the annual Fight Night Round 4 competition in our flat)
1 x sharpy (for signing thousands of autographs after shows)
1 x eye mask (as recommended to me last year by Giles Brandreth for “Cabaret naps”)
1 x spare phone (for when you drunkenly smash your phone on a cobbled street two years running! True story)
5 x Jason Statham films on DVD (for our annual action film club)
1 x hour-long show (aka 1 x A4 scrap of paper with “BE FUNNY!” written on it)
1 x cardigan (for if my show needs a change in tone)

Carl Donnelly 3: Carl Donnelier is on at 7.50pm at Udderbelly's Pasture.


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