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10 Questions with Tara Flynn

Wednesday, August 25 2010

Well she doesn't look the livid type, but boy has Tara Flynn got some anger to vent, and her show big noise does just that while showcasing her vocal and comedy talents.

Tara Flynn

EiF: What is your show about?
TF: Big Noise is a collection of songs that generally sound sweet, but are actually about things that make me apoplectic with rage.

EiF: Describe it in three words.
TF: Funny, sing-y, angry.

EiF: What's your favourite part of it?
TF: I currently have two: one where I channel European pop stars of the 70s, and the other is a grand, sweeping eulogy for a superhero. But my favourite changes all the time.

EiF: Complete this sentence: "If you like laughing through your rage, then you'll like my show."

EiF: Is the Edinburgh Comedy Award important to you?
TF: Not really. My sister's a potter so I have plenty of mantelpiece dressing. I don't like clutter.

EiF: What is your Edinburgh daily regime?
TF: Up early, cry, walk the dog for an hour, drink coffee, do any press malarkey that's come in, cry, prep for show, cry, leave in plenty of time, forget significant piece of show, cry, return to flat, grab significant piece, get expensive taxi to venue, do show, cry, avoid drinking so's not to lose voice, do late-night promo shows, walk home (having blown taxi fare), watch a DVD with husband, cry self to sleep.

EiF: What's your favourite spot in Edinburgh?
TF: Library Bar at the Gilded Balloon, or the top of Arthur's Seat: great view and plenty of wildlife (both places).

EiF: What advice would you give to an Edinburgh virgin?
TF: Don't just see people off the telly: Flight of the Conchords had hardly anyone come see them their first time at the Fringe. Get your brochure now and plan it like a military campaign. Also, you MUST see one dreadful show. They're easy to spot as the poster will contain nudity and someone with their mouth open.

EiF: Name 3 other comics you would recommend seeing.
TF: Tripod, Stewart Lee, Michael Legge & Robin Ince's Pointless Anger, Righteous Ire. Forget positivity: this year it's all about the rage, baby.

EiF: Sum up how do you feel about this year's Edinburgh in one word.
TF: Whee!

Tara Flynn - Big Noise is on at Gilded Balloon at 8.15pm, click here for booking.


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