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Millican! Long! Kane again! It's the Fosters Comedy Award nominees ...

Wednesday, August 25 2010

The newcomer nominations have been announced as well ...

Josie Long

Just a quickie to say the nominations for the 30th Edinburgh Comedy Awards (it's Fosters this year) are:

• Geordie stand-up Sarah Millican
• Indie comedy legend Josie Long (left)
• American musical upstart Bo Burnham
• Storytelling Klang/Inbetweeners behemoth Greg Davies
• Awards regular Russell Kane

Congrats to all! And this list is very much validated by Edinburgh is Funny's reviews this year, which gave five stars to four of the five nominees. Talk about ON IT. Here's the Millican review, here's Long's review, here's Burnham's review and here's Davies's review.

Mr Kane wasn't reviewed on EiF, but he won't care given this is his third – third! – consecutive nomination for the award. If he doesn't win this year, he'll officially be the Jimmy White of comedy.

And who is EiF's tip to win out of the above list? Hmmm, toss up between Burnham and Millican. Burnham by a short head. It would make him the first debutant to win the main award since Laura Solon in 2005, but such is the quality you wouldn't bet against him. EiF's hunch is that the judges will go with something a bit more conventional than last year's Slutcracker by Tim Key and Burnham, or indeed Millican, would also fit the bill in that respect. But who really knows what goes on in that discussion about who wins? Ruddy no one, possibly including the judges themselves.

The winner of the main award received a £10,000 prize and an invite to appear at international comedy festivals in Montreal, Toronto and Chicago, while the Best Newcomer will receive a cheque for £5,000.

Meanwhile, the newcomer nominations are:

• An Audience with Imran Yusuf
• Asher Treleaven: Secret Door
• Gareth Richards: Stand Up Between Songs
• Late Night Gimp Fight!
• Roisin Conaty: Hero, Warrior, Fireman, Liar
• The Boy With The Tape on His Face

EiF fared slightly worse review-wise here, not taking too kindly to anarchic sketchers Late Night Gimp Fight – although Gareth Richards and Tape Face were in our top Fringe debutants preview and Imran Yusuf was recommended in the Free Fringe preview.


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