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About London is Funny


So the London comedy scene supports two hundred-plus venues and about a thousand working comedians, right? But what's that? There's no website dedicated solely to this scene? Why not? Because the world's a crazy, crazy place my friend.

This where London is Funny comes in. Solely about comedy, solely about London.

So make this your first stop for up-to-date listings; they'll tell you what's on near where you live, or in town, and who are the pick of the bunch.

The LiF listings are recommended only, they are not comprehensive. So anything you see on our listings should be a good evening out, we don't want to confuse matters by listing the chaff – all you need to know about is the wheat.

The London is Funny team is Paul Fleckney (editor); reviewers Ben Clover, Will Gore and Paul Fleckney; photographers Mairead Palmer and Alex Brenner; and additional help from Sid Rodrigues.

You can waste your boss's time by browsing our features section that contains:

• The Editor's Blog – with news from the circuit, booking alerts, competitions, hot gossip on where to find the famous comics, galleries, general comment and all sorts else

Comedian profiles showing their upcoming London gig list

• Gig previews and comedian interviews

• The wonderful Josie Long has a regular, if slow-burning, column in which she reviews London's charity shops.

• Short videos made by comics

• And articles written by the comics, such as the comedians' blog, the Comedians' Guide to London (self-explanatory) and My First Gig (ditto)

If you have a favourite act or venue that you'd like to keep track of, then they will have their own page with their gig list. Soon these will also have an RSS feed for you to sign up to, that will alert you as soon as new gigs appear on that page.

And it you go to the home page, you can sign up to a weekly newsletter, called the LiF Town Crier, which will discreetly plop into your inbox every Monday. The Town Crier will preview the week in comedy – the week's tops gigs, upcoming features, exclusive competitions/special offers and also booking alerts to those shows that are hard to get tickets for (everything from Eddie Izzard at Wembley Arena to Frankie Boyle doing a tiny warm-up gig above a pub). Sign up, and keep one step ahead ...

Finally, you can follow LiF on Twitter, which has breaking news, mini reviews of comedy nights and plenty more.

Reigning in the bravado for a second, there are many more improvements due in the coming months. So think of LiF as a nice cute puppy growing up to be a big slobbering Red Setter who you'll love to tumble around with.

May we also point you in the direction of pub review site Fancyapint and the comprehensive London entertainment site View London, both of whom have both been a help.

Right, enough chit-chat – click away, funsters.

Paul, London is Funny

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